About Us

Stone Gun Shop

Stone Gun Shop was started in 1993 by Robert Brown, known to most as Bobby.  It was his love of guns that has made the shop what it is today.  The shop is built from stone by Bobby's two sons, Charlie and Russell, who not only made the building but also built the "big black jail house door".

Guns had been a hobby for years for Bobby so he decided to open a shop in his spare time, and if it didn't work out his wife Dinha could use the shop for her knitting.  As you can see the shop is still working out.  Bobby wanted to make it so people could afford a gun so his philosophy of buying and selling guns at a reasonable price along with the lay-away plan is still how things are done today.  Treat your customers as you would want to be treated is our rule of thumb.

inside the Stone Gun ShopSince Bobby's passing in 2009 the gun shop is now run by his youngest son Russell.  Russell also has that love of guns and wants to continue on the same path as his father.  The biggest change made at the shop is our 20 foot addition so that there is a lot more room to move around and touch all the guns.

We look at customers as our friends so stop in and say hi maybe you'll find something you can't live without and if you don't it was nice to see you.  And if you have never been in stop in and give us a try.  We look forward to seeing all our friends both new and old.